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Structural Engineering for Custom Homes

bastech offers a cost effective structural engineering for custom homes for Architects, designers and end users. We're one phone call away, weather you need someone to review your otherwise properly designed drawings or want to have a separate set of structural engineerindrawings. 

We will work with you to work out your preferred steel or wood framing. 


New Addition and Interior Alterations

We provide a broad base of engineering for new additions and/or interior alterations.

If you want to open a space or add a storey or two to your existing unit 
we can be of assistance. 

Condition Survey and Inspection

bastech offers a through condition survey of l structures. We can further provide expert opinion on how to enhance the service life of your system.             

Inspection Services and Engineering Reports 


With our extensive experience and understanding of the building science, materials and building envelope design, bastech can furnish innovative and sustainable building envelope solutions for your renovations and/or new constructions.

bastech provides inspection report throughout your construction .   

Roof Design, Green Roof and Flood Test


bastech provides roof design services including green and cool roofs.   

We can also conduct Flood Tests and provide inspection reports for your municipality.


Ask us about Sustainable Construction of your Project
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